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 About Newborn Sessions


Being a Bergen County baby photographer for several years, I have come across several parents who are so anxious before and during the photo shoot. They are always stressed out about the clothes, the things to bring, apologizing continuously if the baby keeps crying and what not! 

This happens because the parents are unaware about what to expect from the session. This is a precious time that parents should enjoy instead of stressing about every little thing. This is the reason why to make sure your baby photography session is a happy and fun time for you, following are some things parents should be aware of before coming to the photo session:



I always encourage parents to get their newborn baby’s photography take within the first two weeks. And if you can make it even before your baby is 2 weeks old, that is an ideal time! True, this is the time when parents are tired all the time and trying to adjust to their new routine and they barely get enough time to appreciate the small things of their baby. Trust me; you will treasure the pictures of those tiny tones and figures as well as that unexpected smile while your baby sleeps. Babies grow so fast! But hey, this New Jersey newborn photographer is at your service to make sure all those precious moments are beautifully captured for you!  

It is best to book your session as early as you possibly can, ideally during the second trimester. I have received so many requests from parents who have given birth a mere two three days ago to book an appointment but unfortunately sometimes I had to decline those requests since no slot was available. It is such a small window of opportunity where you can capture those beautiful moments and those parents sadly missed it only because they couldn’t book the appointment in advance.  

Therefore, it is best to book your appointment as early as possible! 

  Duration of the Session 

Most parents get so surprised when I tell them that the session would probably take somewhere between 2 to 4 hours. However, they completely understand why once the session starts. You have to understand that babies are unpredictable and they surely are not used to and even aware of the photo session. 

Sometimes they won’t like the pose, sometimes they might switch position just when the picture is being taken, they might start stretching or yawning mid shot, or they will get cranky and hungry. Majority of the session is spent feeding, posing and soothing the baby. And then there are also some rare instances where the baby is in a happy mood or keeps on peacefully sleeping and the session can be wrapped up sooner than I expect. However, to be on the safe side and based on my experience, 2 to 4 hours are usually the ideal duration to complete the photo shoot successfully.


    Things to Bring 

This is the question I am most frequently asked. Some useful things which you can bring to the session are pacifiers, baby wipes, extra diapers, bottles and extra formula if you aren’t breastfeeding, extra clothes for yourself, as well as any special toys, blankets and props you want to feature in the pictures. 


  ​Feed Your Baby 

Fuller tummy means happy baby! This also means your baby will sleep longer which is perfect to capture those adorable curled up shots. I would recommend feeding your baby right before you come to the session so we can get best possible shots.  


 Relax and Enjoy the Moments 

Okay so your baby pooped or peed on the blanket or any prop. Relax! This is normal and not a big deal. I won’t sugar coat it, being a NJ baby photographer for years I have had that done on me as well! There is no need to be so apologetic or anxious. That’s what babies do. Even if your baby starts crying or keeps moving, there is still no need to get nervous. Remember, babies have the tendency of picking up on the energy. If you keep getting anxious or nervous, your baby will not be able to settle.  

I know it is hard not to get nervous, especially if it is your first baby. But, you have to trust me and my years of experience to make your baby comfortable. Continuously picking up and handing the baby back and forth is never going to work. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy these moments being captured. Consider these 2 to 4 hours with me as a break from your baby duties. 

Capturing those breathtaking moments for you is what this Bergen county baby photographer aims to do. I make sure you have those precious moments to look back to so that you can treasure those memories for a lifetime! Book your appointment now and don’t let those precious moments slip by. 

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