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What to expect in a newborn session with Jolie Amelie Photography | Best Newborn Photographer Bergen

Once you find out you are pregnant, time will start flying by! Soon enough, you would be holding your baby in your arms, marveling at that beautiful life you have created. Your life will change as you start making adjustments to your routine and around your house, especially in the first two weeks of the arrival of your baby.

Feeling tired and overwhelmed, especially if it is your first baby, you won’t have enough to appreciate the beauty of those moments till you realize your baby has grown up too fast. However, one way of ensuring those memories stay alive forever is to capture them in beautiful photographs.

Being an NJ newborn photographer, I have spent years capturing those beautiful moments which the parents are able to enjoy long after their precious baby has grown up. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Baby photography will make sure you have a beautiful record of those special moments. My studio is located in Bergen County, NJ and I specialize in newborn, maternity and family photography. I make sure that the very first days of your baby are treasured in absolutely timeless and beautiful shots for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

True Worth of Pictures

Each and every moment is special once you begin your family. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, the journey of amazing moments and memories begins. Capturing those moments will give you a chance to bond with your children and look back at those moments once they have grown up. Those pictures would be treasured by you and your family forever since they showcase possibly the most important event of your life.

There is no doubt, pictures of those unique moments, even the funny ones, are important as they narrate that special once in a lifetime event of the birth of your baby. A moment as beautiful as the birth of your child needs to be preserved forever. And, for that, you need an expert at preserving the most precious of memories. I make sure that those precious moments are saved forever, with my natural and timeless style of baby photography that will showcase your baby's beauty.

The memories that parents make with their newborn child, are some of the most precious memories they will ever possess, and this is what a professional newborn baby photographer will be able to capture for you.

The Perfect Time to Capture

I always encourage parents to get their newborn baby’s photography take within the two weeks. And if you can make it even before your baby is week old, that is an ideal time! True, this is the time when parents are tired all the time and trying to adjust to their new routine and they barely get enough time to appreciate the small things of their baby. Trust me; you will treasure the pictures of those tiny tones and figures as well as that unexpected smile while your baby sleeps. Babies grow so fast! But hey, this Bergen county newborn photographer is at your service to make sure all those precious moments are beautifully captured for you!

It is best to book your session as early as you possibly can, ideally during the second trimester. I have received so many requests from parents who have given birth a mere two three days ago to book an appointment but unfortunately a lot of times I had to decline those requests since no slot was available, although I always try my best to fit everybody, It is such a small window of opportunity where you can capture those beautiful moments and those parents sadly missed it only because they couldn’t book the appointment in advance.

Therefore, it is best to book your appointment as early as possible!

Safety First Is My Motto

Newborn photography is one of the most delicate arts that require a lot of attention to even the tiniest details, and a high degree of care. This is because the subjects are very delicate, and need to be handled with care and consideration.

Being a newborn artist I know how crucial safety for your little one. Leaving a baby alone is a huge no-no for me. I am always just a few steps away from the baby and even if I have to take a long shot, I make sure there is a helper a few steps away or the parents standing near the baby at all times. All props, buckets and baskets are weighted and ensure they are stable and comfortable for the baby and that there is no danger of the baby tipping over.

Sometimes, I receive requests for poses from the parents which I haven’t taken before. I am always open to suggestions and requests but if I feel that the pose might be dangerous or harmful for the baby, I plainly refuse. I would never take such risks! Moreover, all blankets, beanbags and other props are thoroughly washed before and after the session to enhance the cleanliness.

The sessions themselves are crafted uniquely, to suit each new family’s demands and the parents’ vision. Of course, I collaborate with them in terms of expertise, and create a newborn photography session that combines how they want to see their baby, and how I can make those memories timeless for them.

Ensuring the Comfort of Your Baby

Another one of my priorities is to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible. The first thing I do is to check and set the temperature of the room. Babies like warmth. At times, I also play soft music depending on the response of the baby. This usually helps the baby to keep on sleeping and stay calm. Being a NJ Newborn

Photographer for years, I have noticed that this also keeps the parents calm and decreases their anxiety levels! Typically the babies decide themselves which pose is comfortable to them and I go with the natural flow.

Timeless and Artistic Newborn Shots

My personal style is refined and over the years I have adopted the creative mixture of both modern and classic elements. The new elements are of course the use of advanced equipment and ambience setups, with the classically rustic elements making up the aesthetic side of things.

I love including a variety of textures and tones in newborn photography. This is done to emphasize the softness and delicate nature of the sweet little subjects, and to enhance the inherent appeal of the newborn imagery. I have discovered the perfect blend of classic elements that meld very well into the modern touches, and result in a set of photos that will look fresh and modern years and years from now. This is how I capture the timeless appeal, and this is also what sets me apart as an NJ newborn photographer.

I am also not afraid to use creative props and I believe this is what sets a professional photo apart from an amateur one. Aside from the usual props you would see in the baby pictures, I jazz it up a bit to incorporate the favorite colors and hobbies of the parents, their culture and other aspects of their personalities to give the pictures a personal touch.

How Parents Should Prepare

Being a Bergen county baby photographer for several years, I have come across several parents who are so anxious before and during the photo shoot. They are always stressed out about the clothes, the things to bring, apologizing continuously if the baby keeps crying and what not!

This happens because the parents are unaware about what to expect from the session. This is a precious time that parents should enjoy instead of stressing about every little thing. This is the reason why to make sure your baby photography session is a happy and fun time for you, following are some things parents should be aware of before coming to the photo session:

  1. Duration of the Session

Most parents get so surprised when I tell them that the session would probably take somewhere between 2 to 4 hours. However, they completely understand why once the session starts. You have to understand that babies are unpredictable and they surely are not used to and even aware of the photo session.

Sometimes they won’t like the pose, sometimes they might switch position just when the picture is being taken, they might start stretching or yawning mid shot, or they will get cranky and hungry. Majority of the session is spent feeding, posing and soothing the baby. And then there are also some rare instances where the baby is in a happy mood or keeps on peacefully sleeping and the session can be wrapped up sooner than I expect. However, to be on the safe side and based on my experience, 2 to 4 hours are usually the ideal duration to complete the photo shoot successfully.

  1. Things to Bring

This is the question I am most frequently asked. Some useful things which you can bring to the session are pacifiers, baby wipes, extra diapers, bottles and extra formula if you aren’t breastfeeding, extra clothes for yourself, as well as any special toys, blankets and props you want to feature in the pictures.

  1. Deciding on the Clothing

For you newborn baby, you don't need to worry at all! Everything is provided for your session. I have a refined selection of outfits, headbands, hats, wraps, all handpicked from the best vendors, made perfectly to fit newborns. Everything will be ready when you arrive to your session based on your color preference.

As for your own clothing, I recommend not wearing anything expensive or special as there is bound to be a lot of pooping and peeing when the baby is naked. You wouldn’t want to get your favorite clothes ruined. This is also the reason it is best to bring an extra set of clothing for yourself.

  1. Feed Your Baby

Fuller tummy means happy baby! This also means your baby will sleep longer which is perfect to capture those adorable curled up shots. I would recommend feeding your baby right before you come to the session so we can get best possible shots.

  1. Relax and Enjoy the Moments

Okay so your baby pooped or peed on the blanket or any prop. Relax! This is normal and not a big deal. I won’t sugar coat it, being a NJ baby photographer for years I have had that done on me as well! There is no need to be so apologetic or anxious. That’s what babies do. Even if your baby starts crying or keeps moving, there is still no need to get nervous. Remember, babies have the tendency of picking up on the energy. If you keep getting anxious or nervous, your baby will not be able to settle.

I know it is hard not to get nervous, especially if it is your first baby. But, you have to trust me and my years of experience to make your baby comfortable. Continuously picking up and handing the baby back and forth is never going to work. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy these moments being captured. Consider these 2 to 4 hours with me as a break from your baby duties.

The moment you see, hold and smell your baby is the moment your whole world changes. You never would have realized that your heart can hold this much amount of love! As you look at your baby, your love will just keep on growing. What better way to keep those moments alive throughout your live and share with your baby when they grow up!

Capturing those breathtaking moments for you is what this Bergen county baby photographer aims to do. I make sure you have those precious moments to look back to so that you can treasure those memories for a lifetime! Book your appointment now and don’t let those precious moments slip by.

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