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NJ maternity Photographer | Studio Maternity Session

Studio maternity session is taking some serious space in my heart, the simplicity of focusing on the mom, the connection and the intimacy of the moment are so special. This beautiful to be mom was glowing for session, we first met when I photographed baby boy number 1 and now she is expecting again, but a baby girl!

One of the most amazing things about the studio sessions is watching those women to transform in front of the camera. People often tell me, " but I'm not a model", " I don't know how to pose!", let this NJ maternity photographer tell you a secret, NONE of my clients are models! I'm definitely not expecting that nobody will know how to pose! Just relax and leave that up to me, I'm sure that after a couple of minutes of session you will be relaxed and feeling like a rockstar.

NJ maternity photographer

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